Large Hammered Raw Brass Disc Earrings - Potato Chips

These stunning earrings are a must-have. I've hand cut these brass discs and meticulously hammered over their entire surface causing them to bowl up like a potato chip. They hang from hand formed sterling silver ear hooks. So chic.

Oxidized Sterling Silver Coil Ring - The Snake

Hand-forged from 16 gauge sterling silver wire, this ring can be made to fit any desired ring size. Coiled to wrap lovingly around your finger and work-hardened to make the wire strong and firm. I ball up the ends with my torch for the double snake head look before oxidizing the piece for a rustic finish. I then lightly sand it down in random spots to give it a bit of shimmer.

Olive Jade Serpentine Gemstone Adjustable Brass Ring - Moss

This ring is truly versatile and perfect for every day wear. Pair it with a sophisticated outfit for work, or wear it with your fave jeans... a lovely accent to any style or occasion!

Personalized Handstamped Initial Heart Necklace - Boy Loves Girl

Warm summer days find couples picnicking by the lake, walking hand in hand through the woods, or simply resting in their beloved's embrace in the shade of an old oak tree... when a boy loves a girl.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Simple DIY Valentine's Decor

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us so there’s no time to waste! 

 With these simple DIY projects, you can have a smattering of Valentine's Day in every room in no time at all!

All of the components required for the following projects can be found at your local craft store. 

Of course, if you’re like me, you may find the necessary items in your garage, cabinets, drawers, and possibly under your bed. 

With a handful of little odds & ends, you can create some wonderful decorative pieces and still have some $$ left to treat yourself to a box of chocolates! 


Very Valentine Trees

These are constructed from styrofoam cones covered in white felt which I've attached using spray adhesive and straight pins to secure the edges at the bottom and top of the tree, like so...

A wooden dowel serves well as the tree trunk and can easily be cut to whatever length you desire. 

Use foam bricks to secure the trunk into your hand-painted clay pot. 

Grab whatever Valentine findings strike your fancy and attach them to the trees using white headed straight pins. If your creative juices are not flowing yet, let me make some suggestions: I used white boa trim, ribbon, heart sequins, beaded fringe, self-stick gems, and small beads. 

 You should be able to attach everything to your trees with the pins... no sewing or gluing required!


Valentine Messages

Next, these Valentine Messages are so simple! 

All you need is a white canvas board, stencil paint, some wooden hearts & letters, and about a gallon of glitter to make these messages shine! 

I chose to leave the canvas white, but I think painting the canvas with simple shapes such as hearts, stripes, or dots would make these signs really pop. 

Once finished, these adorable Valentine Messages could be hung on a wall or displayed on a plate stand as I've done here.

Mini Valentine's Accessories

I picked up a few inexpensive frames from the $1.50 bins at Michael's and simply decorated white card stock with cupcake stickers for my frames. How easy is that?! 

These would also make super cute place settings if you're planning a festive Valentine meal. You can customize the inside of the frames with personalized messages for your family & guests.

For a fun pop of Valentine color I took a small glass vase and filled it with Red Hots (pink & red Jelly Bellies would be FAB), and topped it off with a homemade chocolate sucker! 

If you really want to impress - make a collection of chocolate suckers in vases! They're fairly inexpensive and make great eye candy. Pun intended.



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